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Allison Jayne Ewing is a psychotherapist and EFT Practitioner. She began her career earning a Master of Social Work degree and spent over fifteen years working with abused and neglected children and their families in the inner city of Chicago. She specialized in working with victims of trauma. As time went on, she became increasingly interested in mind-body treatments over traditional talk therapy. She was trained in many different techniques before landing on the Emotional Freedom Technique, which quickly became her favorite due to the rapid and powerful nature of clearing her clients’ problems.

She left her work in the child welfare field to start a private practice, exclusively offering EFT sessions online with adult victims of trauma, primarily women. As she saw how rapidly her clients were getting better with EFT, she decided to expand her reach and began teaching classes online to have a broader reach and impact on as many people as possible.

Allison believes people can manifest the life of their dreams once they clear their unconscious blocks that get in the way. As an author, teacher, and speaker, she helps people to discover their subconscious barriers and then teaches them how to clear those away to create the life they most desire.

A few years after her own divorce, she became particularly interested in the issues single women face in mid-life and co-founded with Gina DiVito, JD, to help women find healthy available single men who will love and adore them.

Allison lives with her two teenage sons and two cats outside of Chicago. She loves yoga, being in nature, having coffee in the morning on her porch swing, and traveling the world every chance she gets.

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