Managing Teen Anxiety Naturally! 

How Parents Can Help Their Children Thrive

Join us in the month of December for our 3 week class series learn how to use EFT and Eden Energy medicine to help your teenager.


In class, you will try out these techniques and experience the relief one feels from using energy techniques to release stress and anxiety Then we will show you how to use these tools with your child.

Each week we will dive deep into one the following topics of TEEN ANXIETY and show you how to specifically address these issues with your teen.

WEEK 1: Coping with Academic Stressors (test anxiety, oral presentations, homework struggles, college application stress)

WEEK 2: Dealing with Social Anxiety (bullying, feeling left out, feeling like ‘I’m always the one’ or ‘why does this always happen to me?’)

WEEK 3: Reducing the Physical Symptoms of Stress (Stress induced headaches, stomach aches, insomnia & chronic fatigue)




December 5th, 12th & 19th



Evolution Yoga Studio

1841 Waukegan Rd

Glenview, IL

COST: $20